Does WalMart Sell Stamps?

Before jumping directly to the question Does WalMart Sell Stamps?, let’s know about WalMart. It is an American retailing corporation headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. It was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. WalMart operates as hypermarket, grocery stores and department stores. Its stores are operational in many countries and operate under different names like Asda, WalMart de Mexico, Selyu Group, Best Price etc. WalMart is the world’s largest company in terms of revenue and is also the largest employer. As per the Fortune Global 500 list of 2016, WalMart had approximately $480 billion revenue. WalMart is also the largest retailer in the U.S. It earns over 62% of its earnings from U.S. operations.

Stores and locations of WalMart:

As the latest reports of January 2017, WalMart has over 11,695 departmental stores and clubs in 28 countries that are operational under 63 banners or names. WalMart has global presence and most of the countries are utilising its services. Not many people know but it is possible to find WalMart apart from U.S. in many major locations in the world though the name of store may differ as it operates under different banners in many countries. For example- It is known as WalMart in US and Canada, Asda in UK, Selyu Group in Japan, Best Price in India, WalMart de Mexico Centroamerica in Mexico and many such others. WalMart is also operational in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, China and other such countries. WalMart Group also owns the Sam’s Club retail warehouses.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps and postage ?

In Unites States, WalMart follows three major retail formats comprising Supercentres, Neighbourhood Markets and Discount stores and operates differently in each format. As of January 2017, WalMart has more than 6,363 stores with over 8, 00,000 employees in countries outside U.S. and over 2.2 million employees in the world. Hence, it is considered as the largest private employer in the world.

WalMart has also started a free grocery pickup service where customers can select the goods online along with the pickup time. In June 2016 WalMart announced to open online grocery service through where the goods will be delivered to the customer’s doorsteps for a small fee.

Products at WalMart:

You must be wondering that WalMart is such a mega store so what all we can buy from here. The answer is- pretty much everything. Yes you heard it right. WalMart offers widest range of products and brands to its customers under one roof. It offers a distinctive range of goods including baked goods, frozen food, fresh seafood, meat and poultry, dairy products to clothing, books, electronics, household items postage stamps and many more.

WalMart’s Supercentres are spread over an average of 17,400 square meters area and thus have pharmacy, optical centre, portrait studio, cellular stores, local bank branches, hair and nail salons, fast food outlets like Subway and even a pet shop. The largest supercentre located in Albany, New York covers 24,000 square meters of area. A supercentre sells more than 120,000 items on a daily basis and WalMart has 3,522 such supercentres in Unites States.

Does WalMart Sell Stamps?

Now, let’s come back to the real question. WalMart sells almost everything but does it sell stamps? Absolutely! WalMart does sell postage stamps. These stamps can be found at almost every WalMart store and supercentre. These are available in single and multiple forms. It is advisable to the people to weigh the envelope and buy stamps near you accordingly. It will be more beneficial and convenient to find stamps at 24×7 supercentres in comparison to discount stores and other small grocery stores as supercentres are large and sells over 120,000 items including stationery, envelopes and postage stamps.

WalMart is the world’s largest retailer company operating in 28 countries with over 11000 stores. It offers the widest range of products ranging from dairy products, food items to accessories, clothing, footwear, electronics, postage stamps and many more. It means that WalMart offers almost each and every product which can be needed a required by a customer and you can buy postage stamps too from Walmart because Walmart sell stamps.

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